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Women’s Day

It’s the women’s day, you know what i’ve done? I sent you sticker on VKontakte, hope you like it,

“I’m sorry for everything what i’ve done, can we talk normally again?”

I wish i can say that to you

Preparing your Visa

Well, you know what? Where I am? Yes, i am again in immigration office in Bandung, same office that we went before, to create you visa, it’s so much complicated, and took so much Money, oh yes, now i’m working as IT Technician, but in a night shift, i’m working with cables, wiring, and my brain full of you, I wish you were here.

Overall about visa, it will be ready in 6, yes six months, i hate it, i want you now, not 6 months later. But still because of lack Money, maybe it will be more than 6 months. Hope i can do anything better for us.

Happy Valentine Day

It’s Valentine Day. Happy Valentine Dasha. Just, First time valentine with silence, still. I miss you so much, i was wondering, how are you there? Are you fine? Have you eat something? Just I can’t sleep well because i always thinking about you.

3 days missing

It’s been 3 days since we didn’t talk each other. And I miss you already, you know why we just argue each other? It’s just about picture? Why you didn’t just do what i say? And we can talk again, why you just put ur ego first.

What I say when I keep silence