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День святого Валентина

Я вдруг получил письмо от “Ленты”


сказали что цветы, шоколад и косметики скидка до 40%.

хочу тебе что нибудь подарить, а тебя тут нет.

Очень очень по тебе скучаю 🙁

Любимая Дашенька

Я в этот день, тебе желаю,
Будь такой же превосходной,
Всё ты сможешь, это знаю,
Оставайся всегда доброй.
И я тебя всегда люблю.



Unable to connect

10.10p 17/01

Dear Darya

three days ago, when dad went out from hospital, I tried to open this blog just to inform you that he finally went out.

But I can’t open this blog, they said unable to connect/DNS Timeout, I was using hospital’s Wi-Fi networks, it turned out that I can access this blog by mobile network, is hospital block access to this blog? Hahaha.. That’s funny.

But at that time, my mood was ruined because of it, so i didn’t open this blog for several days, and now after I figure it out, several ISPs can’t access to this blog due to misconfiguration on the server.

I was wondering, can you still access this blog? Nee, the right question is: did you still remember this blog?


Happy New Year #2

12:08a 1/1

Dear Darya

How are you there? Hope everything will be fine for you.

Last year, I spent new year alone, burnt my wishlist and yet.. God (or whatsoever) didn’t fulfill my wishlist, in 2019 I can count how many times you contact me with only my left hand.

Sad? Yes, I am. Feeling hurt? Yes, I am. Regret? Of course I am. Trying to forget you? I don’t want. As long as I’m still breathe then I still love you, Darya, no matter what.

I failed to catch my dream to stick with you, my plans failed already, but I’m still trying to make another plan.

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What I say when I keep silence