RIP – Habibie (1936-2019)

11/9 7.3p

Dear Darya

We watched his movie together…

He is my favorite person, he is also my idol.

And he taught me how to love.. That’s why I showed everything about him to you, just because I want to be like him, loving his wife sincerely.

And I want to do the same thing with you, even thou you know I’m failed.

But now he is passed away, leaving all of us today, September 11 – 6.05p in Jakarta. I even post it on my main blog.


I’m so sad, my idol is gone, but now he’s happy with his beloved wife there..



Betapa dalam
Rasa kasihku padamu
Yang selalu membayangi
Di setiap liku jalanku
Membawa terang
Yang menuntun
Langkah hidupku
Kekasihku tersenyumlah
Bawa ‘ku ke duniamu
Jadikan aku raja bagimu
Dalam istana hatimu
Walau kini kau tak lagi
Temani ragaku ini
Cintaku hanya untuk
Engkau seorang
Bila telah tiba
Waktuku untuk dirimu
Nantikan jiwa ini
Di gerbang hatimu
Bawa anganku
Raih semua
Bintang di langit

Still trying

3/9 6.1p

Dear Darya

Usually I wrote something here if I failed or succeed, but today I just writing about my progress, everything seems fine, but yes it’s hard to leave any comfort zone, just for you 🙂

But again, this isn’t guarantee that my plan will work, same as we’ve done before, especially when we were together, we had several plans right? But some of them are failed.

But again, I won’t give up, I will do anything for you.


Love is crazy, eh?

Failed.. Another something

2.43a 31/8

Dear Darya

Recently, I posted about something, something that realized I just failed with it.

But instead i have another chance, I’ll try my best, wish me luck.

Btw, it’s what about? It’s about how to restore our relationship, yes I still don’t give up, I love you, Darya.


28/8 1.40p

Dear Darya

I have 2 days left to do something, something that maybe help our relationship status, yes, I still have efforts to do that, but I don’t know how’s from your side.

I really have no idea, but still, i’m trying my best, because I love you.


This is just another random post.


15/8 6.55a

I am still leaving, or maybe hiding from anybody or everybody, never get any information from my inner circle, it’s because I still missing you, and can’t do anything else.

Suddenly just got kind of bad news, but I don’t want to write it here.


And still i’m hiding from the reality, living with my own sadness.

What I say when I keep silence