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Happy Birthday, Dad

I tried to send SMS to ur dad to celebrate him birthday, but he just replied me “thanks”. I guess ur dad was angry with me, because he thinks that I hurt you, believe me and I swear, I never want to hurt you,

I love you so much, and ur family also.

День Победы

It’s День победы,  i sent you sticker, and you reply the same sticker, Dasha, do you hate me now? I want to talk to you, but I’m afraid,

Btw, today I bought cutie dress for you, you will like it, and yes, I asked local ZAGS about marriage also, and it will be fine, but I want to marry you in Penza, place that you were born, and yes, I’m trying to save every money I have, I want to go to you and marry you, btw, I heard from my mum that you’re at home already right? You even didn’t talk to me about that 🙁

Wedding Ring for Us

Guess, where I am?, i’m in a shop, finding wedding ring for us, just i don’t know what kind of ring you want, i wish i can talk with you, but i don’t know, do you still love me or not? I miss you and love you, Dasha

I realized i need to work again to afford all of these.

Happy Birthday

Hey, Thanks a lot for ur message from Vkontakte, you know what, last time i just waiting for it, and i slept already, i was little bit cried because i didn’t get ur message, but in the morning, i saw ur message and yes, it’s from you, really from you I even replied it, just… no reply from you, maybe you forget me already,

I miss you, and i love you, Dasha

I value your sacrifice

I realized, you sacrifice everything for me, Dasha. I really appreciate it, Thanks a lot, i’d like you to stay with me in Indonesia, or wherever, just with you, but how? I don’t know,

But i really want to stay with you. I also miss your  food

Tomorrow i will go to Depok, i guess just to visit parents, and our ginger

Gloomy Sunday

It’s Sunday morning, i just woke up with cry, i got a dream about you, you just angry with me, I know it was my fault, everything was my fault, i’m really sorry, but i don’t know how to say it, Dasha, i wish i just say it in normal way, i mean not an emotional one, and i feel alone also, i stay in Bandung because i don’t want to stay with parents in Depok, But still this “feeling alone” is different, i feel alone because i can’t contact you, don’t know why, but i love you so much.

Í’m sorry Dasha

Btw, my mom send me notebook from you, Thanks a lot.

And you wrote that by the time and distance i will understand that you love me,

I love you, Darya

Preparing your Visa

Well, you know what? Where I am? Yes, i am again in immigration office in Bandung, same office that we went before, to create you visa, it’s so much complicated, and took so much Money, oh yes, now i’m working as IT Technician, but in a night shift, i’m working with cables, wiring, and my brain full of you, I wish you were here.

Overall about visa, it will be ready in 6, yes six months, i hate it, i want you now, not 6 months later. But still because of lack Money, maybe it will be more than 6 months. Hope i can do anything better for us.