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I should propose you now

Yes, i asked you, Dasha, but you just different, you looks like hate me, i even asked you several question.. and i’m trying to avoid argue, i don’t want this argue.
And Yes, i should propose you, Dasha….

Don’t know what to do

Again i’m here, but i was thinking and thinking, my plan again broken, i can’t propose you, Dasha, you will leave

What should i do? Should i leave you? But i love you, are you really love me?

I have only two options, Give up or propose you now…..

But propose on internet? I really don’t like it. I have no choice i need to ask you, then


Bad News for Me, Good News for you

I just got message from mum that you will move to the U.S. for study? What?? I feel confused, not because you didn’t tell me that you will go abroad again, but for study? Are you trying to ran away? From me? What about my plan, Dasha? I don’t know… But i never tell you my plan, it’s normal that you don’t know L

I’m crying again, yes, such a bad me crying in the office,  how can i propose you?

I tried to contact you, but you just say that you want to escape from Russia, i don’t know, do you have another boyfriend?


I don’t know, I feel bad

And tonight i will go back to Bandung, going back with tears

Ticket is Expensive

Well, my preparation with you just little bit stuck, ticket just went expensive 🙁 but i’m trying as much as i can, working part time as much as i can for propose you, yes, i will do that in this year, just after propose we can stay wherever we want, either in Russia, Indonesia or any other country, just being with you, get romantic every day, eat together, can’t wait for that moment. And yeah, due to part of my work, maybe i will move temporary to Depok, because such work only available in Jakarta.

You know why i don’t want fixed work? Because i don’t want to be on contract, i want to go to you, Dasha, I need you, and I want you. The most important one, I  LOVE YOU, DARYA

Wallet from Dasha <3

I got wallet from you, thanks a lot Dasha, but i can’t find any notes inside it 🙁 only postcard “with love”, that’s what i like, ur handwritten. Then i wrote you in vk that i love you, and i’m sorry for everything bad,

But your response just flat, i don’t know, maybe you hate me,

I’m sorry, I love you.

День Победы

It’s День победы,  i sent you sticker, and you reply the same sticker, Dasha, do you hate me now? I want to talk to you, but I’m afraid,

Btw, today I bought cutie dress for you, you will like it, and yes, I asked local ZAGS about marriage also, and it will be fine, but I want to marry you in Penza, place that you were born, and yes, I’m trying to save every money I have, I want to go to you and marry you, btw, I heard from my mum that you’re at home already right? You even didn’t talk to me about that 🙁

Wedding Ring for Us

Guess, where I am?, i’m in a shop, finding wedding ring for us, just i don’t know what kind of ring you want, i wish i can talk with you, but i don’t know, do you still love me or not? I miss you and love you, Dasha

I realized i need to work again to afford all of these.

Happy Birthday

Hey, Thanks a lot for ur message from Vkontakte, you know what, last time i just waiting for it, and i slept already, i was little bit cried because i didn’t get ur message, but in the morning, i saw ur message and yes, it’s from you, really from you I even replied it, just… no reply from you, maybe you forget me already,

I miss you, and i love you, Dasha