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Unable to connect

10.10p 17/01

Dear Darya

three days ago, when dad went out from hospital, I tried to open this blog just to inform you that he finally went out.

But I can’t open this blog, they said unable to connect/DNS Timeout, I was using hospital’s Wi-Fi networks, it turned out that I can access this blog by mobile network, is hospital block access to this blog? Hahaha.. That’s funny.

But at that time, my mood was ruined because of it, so i didn’t open this blog for several days, and now after I figure it out, several ISPs can’t access to this blog due to misconfiguration on the server.

I was wondering, can you still access this blog? Nee, the right question is: did you still remember this blog?


A short story

Dear Daria

About 11.30p January 3rd — it was midnight, dad went to the hospital, he was in HCU (High Care Unit).

I able to visit him on Sunday (5/1), he’s still in HCU, doctor said that his creatinine level is damn too high, don’t ask me what is it, he also said that dad should get appointments for dialysis, blood check, USGs, X-rays and so on.

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Happy New Year #2

12:08a 1/1

Dear Darya

How are you there? Hope everything will be fine for you.

Last year, I spent new year alone, burnt my wishlist and yet.. God (or whatsoever) didn’t fulfill my wishlist, in 2019 I can count how many times you contact me with only my left hand.

Sad? Yes, I am. Feeling hurt? Yes, I am. Regret? Of course I am. Trying to forget you? I don’t want. As long as I’m still breathe then I still love you, Darya, no matter what.

I failed to catch my dream to stick with you, my plans failed already, but I’m still trying to make another plan.

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Sent an e-mail

11.32p 29/11

Dear Darya

Finally I sent you an e-mail several days ago, I was thinking what should I write, should I write just answer your statement or I should put some messages from me.

Was it polite to write such things to you? Should I forget and keep my mind and shouldn’t share to you?

My mind was looping — thinking about this e-mail, until I decided to write everything especially my feelings to you.

That’s it.. Until I wrote this, I didn’t get any reply. I shouldn’t complain that, but still I’m waiting.

PS: I changed this blog’s theme, because I feel bored with the old one, but I never feel bored with you, even you didn’t contact me.