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…Silence is louder

You’re still everywhere…

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday mornings are like a plate of pancakes. I love pancakes. That’s so much I learnt about myself. I love pancakes and sometimes avocados, and coffee with milk.

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13th July

13th June is your birthday, right?

I spent your birthday in Singkawang, West Kalimantan, drawing your name, scream I love you.

15th June my dad called me and ask about you, he remembered your birthday, haha.. but I wasn’t mention that.

But now, I should face that he’s gone, I remembered, after got that bad news in the hospital, I wrote умер моего отца to you and Yura, he called me but I wasn’t ready to talk with anybody so i just say потом перезвоню finally, he sent me some money to my card.

I tried to call you, but I realised that you aren’t ready yet to talk to me, silly me, I was crying at the corner alone 🙁

But at least, thanks for reply my messages. I appreciate that.


First of July

Just got news from friends, that Russia still close it’s border, damn, F*ck.


I wonder, have you ever open this blog any-more? Anyway, I still write here sometimes.

I just hate everything now, I’d like to tell anything about my life here, but.. you know that.