Leave everything for you

I wrote this exactly after your last conversation.

I was busy with work, then you sent me emoticon, I was happy because you contacted me,finally..

And I leave everything just for answer you, and hope to call you

But, what I can get from you is just answer from my question, “Did you block me?” I understand that you didn’t block me, Thank you for that..

But what about any other questions? Like “How are you?” and “Can I call you?”

Why you didn’t answer that? Is that revenge that you don’t want to answer me anymore? I guess those questions was easy to answer right?

Okay, are you still mad with me? Still feel hurt with me? I can understand, but I don’t know exactly what you want, how will you cure your broken heart, will you leave me forever? Just believe me, Dasha, I never have a plan to leave you forever, never, maybe I need space, yes. I just got that space.

I know you are so active on the internet, you’re connected everywhere, but you force to limit communication with me,

Or do you have new boyfriend there? Did somebody cure you out there? Or are you trying to remove me on all of your memories?

I never know..

But one more thing. I love you, it’s sincere and never changed.

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