No, not for you.. It’s Farewell from Fris

The only way to gain your trust again is to tell everything with you, right?

Today(13/08) Fris sent me messages, that she wants to apologize for everything and hope us to continue our relationship, below the screenshots


I’m sorry if you feel uncomfortable with me because I involved everything matters between you and Darya, first of all, I want to help you so your relationship can be good as before – 9.03PM

I want to see you get happy with Darya, just like before. That’s all 🙂 – 9.03PM

Yes, I understand now you feel alone because no Darya anymore. I hope you can pick her up or Darya can go back to you – 9.05PM

Just be patient… I’m sure you can meet Darya again – 9.06 PM

It’s time for me to say goodbye, I hope you can quickly get back in touch with Darya. Thanks and sorry for make your life complicated. – 9.06PM


That’s all..


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