Should I hope?

10.18a 4/5

Dear Darya

I got your e-mail just now, (and your Facebook messenger lately).

I don’t want to discuss about content on the e-mail, because it’s private and I replied it already.

The point is: Why you still send me message? Don’t you feel hurt when send something to me? Or you just send it in a polite way? If you think you cured enough, got another boyfriend already, but you remembered about me and you think you should send me e-mail yesterday. I think better to stop it, stop playing with my feeling, unless you really want to revenge me, that’s different story.

Why? Because until this day, I can’t forget about you, still want you and still love you, while getting some messages from you, makes me wondering and hoping again. Yes, stupid me. but we’re all stupid when falling in love, right? — Yes, I don’t want to make another damn relationship anymore, except with you.

So, I guess you know the point, right? I just write this exactly after I replied your e-mail, if you wondering why I didn’t give this link to you? Because I don’t want to force you to read it, perhaps, if you read this, read it in a calm way. We’re adult enough, what I want just.. I don’t want we fight each other just like before I just want to build everything from the beginning.

So, still I don’t know what should I behave when I got your message.


I bet you won’t reply my message) because you just want to send me message, not get a reply from me..


Hope I’m wrong

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