[Dreams] Totally Different

1.54a 2/5

Dear Darya

Me: Will you come?

You: Yes, of course.. I will use my private plane

That was our conversation on WhatsApp(or something else, I don’t remember exactly). Yes, you will come by a private plane.. I didn’t laugh, wondering or surprised, just act normally, even though I didn’t see your private plane there.

Several minutes(?) later you came. But you look different.. 360 degrees different. I don’t want to describe yourself in that dream anyway, because it’s toooo bad. I like you in real life, because you’re super beautiful btw 🙂

But that’s not enough, how you talk, how we discussing something just far away different. The way you talk with me, just…. it wasn’t you, totally different. and there’s no “signal” that you love me, or at least you “loved” me. seems you just know me several minutes ago.

In that dream, you came with another girl, younger than you, when you went somewhere (not far), I asked her about you, and why you just different, she answered:

She was stressed 100% because of you, why she’s different? Because she totally changed everything in her life, not only how she dress, but also her point of view, her mind, and her perspective. She is different just to save herself.

I’d like to ask her more, but suddenly I woke up..


So, I wrote this before I forgot.

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