Women’s heart

You know I shouldn’t write this, you will not believe it anyway.

You know, woman’s heart is fragile. Be careful what she’s giving you, she will trust you and so on.. Once you break it. She will feel hurt very much than she realized.

If you do nothing, then she will take pieces of her heart that broken already, and close the door for you, forever… and ever.. she even doesn’t want to know you anymore.

If you want to fix it, believe me, the effort for fixing woman’s heart is times difficult, you need much energy, time, and everything else, even your soul, and there’s no guarantee. Once heart is broken, it will be always broken, even if you fix it, it will not good as before. She will be a different person.

I’m not ready to explain what happened between me and Charlotte, and you will not accept it too, So let’s think that i had an affair with Fris, at least my heart will be a little bit fine, because I never love her.

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