Difficult to maintain

10.35a 12/4

Dear Darya

To be honest, it’s really difficult for me to maintain this blog – kind of autobiography. I feel really hurt. To take off a plaster that cover several wounds in my heart and my memory and some of them just cured a bit – I should take it off again and tell you here, I feel sore. But I’m writing here mostly in English – not my native language, sometimes (or most of time) I made a mistake in grammar and sometimes I stopped writing because I felt frustrated.

But, maybe I have duty to tell my story to you,  everybody who wants to read or myself to remind that this is came from my deepest heart. I wrote this not for gathering any sympathy or make people love or hate me. My only hope is… I hope you.. yes you, Darya understand about me in a good way. And I’m not tired to say that I love you always.




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