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10.18a 5/4

Dear you who read this blog

Recently I was thinking about this blog, until I realized I put this site without any password protection nor statistic except Google Analytics.

First I was created this blog just for explain what I want to say to Darya, my girlfriend since I was in Russia. once I shared the link to this blog to her last year, and of course it was for her only. I didn’t lock this blog, put any statistic plugin except G-Analytics (but again it was mixed with my main blog, so I can’t trace visitor by that).

Because I shared link to this blog to my girlfriend only, so, I have no worry about everything, until I realized there is a google who indexed this site regularly. If google index this site, so, it will show on search results, and maybe gain several lost visitors here.

So, for you new visitor who lost in here.. I want to say…. Get the hell out of here!!!





Nah, just kidding 😉

No, I don’t want to get rid of any visitors here, you can freely read whole of this blog, comment anything, angry with me, or if you want to say that I’m stupid.. it’s okay. Just I want to say something here for you

  • This is my private blog, and also my private story. And It’s real based on my side.. I don’t know on the Darya’s side. Women have different point of view right?
  • This blog again based only from my side, she doesn’t know what I want to write tomorrow, after tomorrow and next week. As I mentioned before, me and my girlfriend have a silent relationship, really silent. Last communication was she mentioned me on Facebook, and I replied that the day after, that’s all. So, she is not involved in this blog.
  • I am not creating a drama here. This is my life, I know it’s complicated, but it’s my life right? Every people have their own drama, so do I.
  • Nobody is perfect. And I never claim myself as a right person. I even confessed that it’s me who ruined our relationship. And I really 1000000% regret it, but I don’t want to force you to believe.
  • Why there is an ads in this blog? Same as G-Analytics, I put Adsense here also, just because I want this blog’s design exactly similar from my main blog, nothing more.
  • Yes, I love my girlfriend Darya to the entire galaxy and back,  only her.. not you, Jackass!
  • I know this one is embarrassing and some of you maybe won’t believe me. I fucked her only, I won’t fuck anybody else, I fuck only girl that I really love. Who? Read this post again, please.

So, if you lost here.. be my guest, help yourself 🙂

Thanks for your visit anyway 🙂




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