Strange dream

3.27a 30/3

Dear Darya

Just woke up because I had a strange dream.

I don’t know where it was, definitely not in Russia. I came to you, just to ask how was it. You keeping silence, you never told me anything what you’ve done, I just keeping silence and then there was a guy came out, I asked him but same as u, he’s keeping silence. Err.. not really he told me that he’s not your boyfriend, I don’t believe.

I was stressed, came to you from nowhere, and suddenly I got strange answer from a guy whom I don’t know and just a silence from you. So I went out took a motorcycle and go away.

But suddenly I hit a car, fell down, and I can’t move. Yes I got an accident, that was like a real, I even remember how my body feels because of that accident.

Blood are everywhere, I can’t clearly see everything, but I can see you came to me, crying and tell everything that he’s not your boyfriend, you called an ambulance, when it came, you stay with me, still confess that you didn’t do anything.

I’m trying to speak, but I felt hurt in my chest.

Finally, I can speak 3 words to you,

I love you

Then I woke up.

Grab my phone and I wrote this.

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