11.43p 25/3

Dear Darya

I know you knew already the word alternate right? A second one, backup or whatsoever.

I just realized, this is what happened to you, you have alternate life and also alternate love. Meanwhile I am here seeking how to stick together again with you, you have alternate life, you won’t worry about everything, you have spare life.

I know you want to be happy. Me too, but you won’t care. You know how to make yourself happy, I mean really yourself, you just don’t care about me anymore, you told me that you love me, and I love you too, but in reality, you don’t.

What I can understand, you’re happy out there. Somebody said to me “If you love him/her more than 5 months, then you really love him/her”. I can guarantee almost one and half year I still love you. And you forget me in just for six months.

I know you said that you love me in a silent way. Is that a polite way to say that you don’t love me anymore?

I don’t know, never got answer for that.

And again about alternate. I don’t have alternate. I gave my heart to you, and you just throw it away. It makes me can’t do anything and I have no motivation anymore to face my life.

Sorry if I love you too much.

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