Another letter

12.37a 5/3

Dear Darya

Being lonely in such condition isn’t easy, I never declare myself as a single, that’s why I can’t(read: don’t want) to have a conversation or talking seriously with girls. Instead, I feel lonely because I didn’t talk to you, a girl whom I really really love.

I know even if I talk with girls, or giving a new hope to any other girl, you won’t even know about this. I mean I able to make a new relationship starting something new, maybe it will cure me a little bit.

But no, I won’t do that, not only because I love you, Darya.. but I love you so much, you won’t be replaced by any other creatures in my heart.

I know you won’t believe me (Note: I don’t remember anymore how many times I wrote this), but still I wrote it anyway, It’s not only to gain your trust again, but learn from my mistakes, I need to be honest all the time and respect what you gave me, and value everything what you gave and care to me.

To be honest, I don’t know what’s next, nobody knows maybe only God knows what will happen next between us.

Yet, I’m still waiting you and trying my best to be a better man for you, and also I’m still learning how to be a nice guy for you. Sorry if i’m not perfect for you. No, I won’t say kind of nobody perfect, bla bla bla… I’m not perfect because I never learn, never respect people, and never value what people give, and I never value what I give to people. Still I learn so much from you. You’re my perfect teacher, because you’re a perfect one.. Yes, There isn’t word “nobody perfect”, because I found you as a perfect one. I won’t describe why you’re a perfect one, because you knew it already.

Still, as any other this blog’s post.

I’m sorry for what I’ve done and as always. I love you, Darya



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