It’s about me and Fris

Thanks for your answer, if it’s about Fris, let me introduce you to her before and after I met you.

In the middle of 2009,  I enrolled Russian literature in University of Padjadjaran, and also in other university, but it’s not important, no Fris there.

First time I met her is on September, 1st 2009, at that time, we introduced each other.. What is your name, where are you from, bla..bla..bla..

Now I know her name, she came from Banten, but now she lives with her granparents in Bandung(later in 3rd semester, she moved to a rented room near university).

I guess this is first photo of us, together with other groupmates.

Taken on September 2nd, 2009, after class

Do we close each other at that time? I can say yes. Why? Because i’m the only one from Bandung, and live at my own home, while all the rest stay in “studio”(rented room) or hostel which is so close with university, I forgot distance from my home to university, but it’s about 35 minutes driving a car (or faster if I use scooter).

So, to avoid lateness, if I have class at 9am, I should go at 6.30a, and arrived there 8am, all the rest just go 5 minutes before class begin, except Fris and other groupmate, her name is Arie she came also earlier because she lives in Cimahi, another town near Bandung.

So, usually to killing our time, we just talking each other, at that time I had a girlfriend, so, we just “normally talking”.

Then class is started, do we still talking each other? No.. I joined guys on my class, when there’s guys or anybody else, usually i leave her alone, because also she has friends also.

Even I have footage for that, i forgot when and who took this picture

Usually we hang out together after classes, but i can’t go with them after 5pm, because i have another class in another university.

Here are some of our activities after classes:

I remembered, because i have those photos, check this out:

Of course I forgot when somebody took those photos.

This is very seldom happened, I’m still at the university even after 5pm until night, if i’m not mistaked, because at that time, they have kind of musical shows that forced me to attend, because of this i should abandon my class in another university, there’s Fris also.

1st semester is over, results are shocked, both me and Fris got the highest grade, Fris is the first one, i’m the second one and Arie got the lowest one.

Since that time, we just little bit closer than before, talking much about study, but never about personal, once she asked me:

“Will your girlfriend angry because of me?”

I said “No”

Time flies, and finally we reached 2nd year(второй курс).

Suddenly, there’s event in university, somebody put Fris and I to work together, it’s about matriculation, guiding new students(1st year) to know university’s environment.

As I remembered, our jobdesk is about documentation and publication, I took several photos, and Fris create announcements, and we made a fully report of that events, unfortunately I lost photos about this, I’m surely remembered there was photo both of us.

It was our uniform for this event

Again time flies, we reached 3rd year(3 курс), Fris again got the highest grade(she always got it even until graduate, so I won’t tell you again). If i’m not mistaken, it’s the most stressful year ever, both me and Fris are just busy with each other, but still we communicate each other normally, and again nothing about private matters.

Yes, this year is the one of difficult year for me, because in this year I dropped out from my another university, it’s because i can’t pursue both of them, I didn’t pay for both of university.

But why i dropped the another one? Because University of Padjadjaran has highest rank than another one, so I chose to stay with it. But still, I feel bad.

I remembered, you asked me question about me with Fris riding a bicycle together, I will tell you in this section.

We have subject called Tourism, what we should do is go somewhere together with the teacher, and explain about several place in Russian, just like tour guide. And this time, we went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and Monas, you know that because we went to those places already in 2015.

Again, this event need to be organized, and again Fris and I should working together, but in this event, our jobdesk is to prepare food for everybody, so, we order much food for eating in the bus and organize payment if we want to eat in the restaurant. FYI, University gives only money and bus, all the rest we need to organize by ourself, so, here’s the event.

If you notice, there’s Susi, our teacher

This is what you asked for, right?

Okay, until now, maybe you will ask, do we fall in love?

The answer is. No, our time together just in class, break, and sometimes when we hang out together with friends. We don’t have special relation, we just close each other like we close with all of our friends.

Btw, she was busy with several organization in university, meanwhile I wasnt active in university, even since 2nd year, I always miss my classes, I was busy with my LDR (Long Distance Relationship).

4th year (4 Курс)

In this year, we have less classes, because most of us had consultation for dissertation. I remembered my dissertation is about Point of View(картина мира) from Chekhov’s short stories… It’s again not important, because not connected with Fris.

Just interesting, finally we have something different.. The supervisor (Руководитель), mine was Susi and Supian, and she was Trisna and Yuli. completely different, both point of view and schedule, so, we seldom meet each other, I met only students who has same supervisor with me.

Problem came. another student tried to steal my subject, and the bad one, his first supervisor is the same person with me, Susi and… I forgot who is the second one, but clearly not Supian.

I was angry and told him that he’s stupid. In my opinion, he is stupid, yes.. But, I should be careful, because even he’s stupid, he is active in some organizations, he has a lot of friends, and he can mobilize his friends to hate me..

And it happens. Almost everybody hates me, I mean silently hate, i can feel that, can you imagine how it feels?

And I feel alone, because everybody don’t want to talk to me, how about Fris? She doesn’t care, I knew she didn’t affected with anybody, because she is neutral enough, but, she doesn’t have time for me of course, and I understand, i’m not important for her, furthermore, our schedule just different now.

In this course, because of no classes anymore(some of them has repeated class, due to fail at previous class), we met very seldom, and our brain just burned because of dissertation, I just found this footage, I don’t remember when it was, maybe circa 2012-2013

So, in this last semester I just busy with dissertation and working.

But, sometimes we had little bit freetime and we decided to take a picture in a studio

I feel so silly for this 😐

July 2013, it’s time for us to present our dissertation, it’s again stressful for me because i should present my dissertation meanwhile 80% students hate me, yes, that problem still “on going”. except Fris, she didn’t think so, because I knew she’s clever enough to read situations.

And about this photo, I feel painful, just take a look

nobody wants to take a picture with me 🙁 only Fris, it’s because I want just want to, meanwhile girls and other students want to take a picture with Fris

I guess it’s in different day, because Fris has different clothes.

Graduation day.

I feel very hurt of this graduation, why? Because after ceremonial our groupmate take a photo together without me 🙁

The only student who want to take a picture with me is Fris only, and several friends who are not graduate yet, but i wouldn’t count that

You know what happened next? I just say goodbye to Fris, because nobody wants to talk to me, leaving her soon, take my parents and girlfriend away from that university. Before I left, she said

“Our groupmates knew that you’re clever and he stole what you create, you and Susi are just match for your dissertation, you have no problem with it, later they will understand that you aren’t wrong, just try to avoid problem. Good luck wherever you are”.

It is true, several days later, Indah and Faraya (one of Fris’s friend who also hate me) send me SMS and say sorry for everything, i even offer them to go to Taman Safari(Safari Park in Bogor) just for refreshing

They’re good friends.. Yes, really..

All the rest just forget about me, never forgive, but I don’t give a damn about it.

And we just got our farewell. Everybody going to their home, including Fris, no more Fris, and no more uni’s life.

Life after university

Get a job – nothing special

Just working usual, get salary, spend it, working again, that’s life

until Susi called me, she offered me to take a scholarship to Russia

First I just take it not seriously, until she called me several times, and recommended me to Russian Center and Culture to grant a scholarship.. I should be in Penza.. What the hell?

Oke.. oke i don’t mind (yet) so, in January 2014, I came to Russian Center and Culture to apply scholarship, just remember this scholarship is cover only tuition fee, not for living cost, about living cost we can apply to Indonesian government, it’s completely different… Okay, nothing interested about this..

Again i’m working..working and working in the middle of March, my girlfriend and I just broke up, okay, nothing interested about this..

Going to Russia

Late July, we got result that from our university there are 6 students(alumni) who pass the scholarship It’s me, Rifki(krasnodar), Ridwan(voronezh), Yanwar(voronezh), Bayu(Rostov) and Fris(Penza).. yes, later I realized that only Fris and I who just called specially by Susi.

So, finally we met again, and this is students who will go to Russia

So, off we go to Russia

We went to Russia with those guys, they will go to their cities, after our flight, we separated and never meet them again until now

In Moscow I remembered Masha (our friend who stay in Indonesia for 6 months) take us to bus station (we can’t use train due to expensive)


And we arrived in Penza in the early morning, but… Unfortunately, some stupid nurse in 5th hostel think I am a sick guy, so, they sent me to the hospital for a week.

This is the part that you don’t know, Dasha, until now..

2 days in the hospital make me feel bored, I don’t have internet connection, nothing to do, I can’t speak Russian good at that time, and Fris came to hospital and cried.

She told me that she lives with J and C in one room, both of them are just childish.

FYI, Fris is adult enough, and she never tolerate anything childish

And C had some bad attitudes, not only about childish, but rude and cruel, she said how can she lives with those girls for next three years.

I can’t suggest anything, since i don’t know situations yet.

A week just past, Fris take me from the hospital and we went to hostel, and… I feel shocked with hostel’s condition, okay, nothing special, you knew it already..

And my roommate is B, a guy from SY who always bring some girls, it shocked me also, i can’t concentrate with such conditions.

Then I knew you, even you know as accidentally 🙂

Okay, from now, this story based after I knew you

Another problem came, Fris really hates C, J also hates C so much, but in this case they just hate them silently, what i’m trying is to make sure that they’re fine.. It’s really difficult

Even small thing can make Fris and J angry, like C never throw a trash to the main trash, so 3 of them just keep silence with trash everywhere, and who throw trashes? ME!

I’m starting to love you, Dasha. But I have my own problem here also, difficult to take care of them

and another problem with nostrification, you know that, it’s much complicated.

I almost gave up, but YOU, Dasha.. you support me not to give up for you..Another thing that you don’t know, it’s not about romantic time with them, if i didn’t reply you, I was trying to separate them from problem or fighting, because they’re so much emotional, once should stay in hostel, another one should walk in a park, or somewhere else.

It’s not over yet, Fris was angry with me, because i didn’t work for government scholarship properly, and after pressed by dean(деканат) she is more sensitive than before.

When I told you, that i should protect and support Indonesians.. In fact, that i need to separate them from something silly, just stupid me I didn’t tell you.

Once even I went to J’s flat without telling you. What happened? Because B (a Turkish girl) slapped her and fighting, where is Fris and C? They’re just keeping silence..

Between Fris, J, and C outside they just like friends, but inside they just hate each other, includes me!

So, if we went to park, or doing something, it’s not about love, it’s just to make at least one of them calm, we just broken family, Dasha..

Why I decide not to tell you?

If i tell you, then you will be angry and ask me to stop caring them anymore, I can do that, but what if they blamed me?

Fris is also think that you’re part of university who are love to trick foreign students.

Remember that I was being hated with my groupmates? She was right that time,

And even wrong this time, I almost believed her.

It’s not about love Dasha, it’s about hate, people hate another people and spread that hate to another people,

Like my friend who stole my dissertation, he spread hateful to another friends..

Now Fris does the same.

In Russia, she didn’t give me support or anything else, but I try to make Indonesians calm and act normally.

That’s why when i am with you, I really feel love, nothing else, just love, If i’m sometimes angry, it’s because i feel stressed, but i can’t tell you why.

And now. present time, we didn’t communicate anymore, And I know she will never say sorry to me,even because of her my relationship with you ruined.

Again, I don’t give a damn about all of this, i’m trying to fix my relationship with you.

Fris and I never be a couple, we just friends and enemy at different time.

Now, I realized, after a year, it’s over, while my mum told everybody that you’re my fiancée, Fris support it and hope the best for us

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