Requirements for Marriage

9.22a 26/02

Dear Darya

PS: I wrote this not only from heart, but my brain also involved.

A wedding ceremony is crazy enough, I understand, imagine that we will be together with a girl/guy until die, whenever they’re happy, sad, rich or poor.

Darya, based on my research, love isn’t always play a big role in marriage, there are several factors:

  1. Love
  2. Communication
  3. Respect
  4. Trust
  5. Social Economy

Okay, let’s discuss this in detail:


Okay, what we’ve done based by this, we love each other, we care each other, we both know, and also we knew that I broke everything.


We had a great communication, we shared everything, we enjoy everything, you always listen to me, and I always listen to you, we discuss about everything. Unfortunately, we still hide something also.


This one, isn’t mutual enough, I think.. You respected me so much, I understand, you learn my culture, and so on. But.. I didn’t respect you in a normal way, yes, I know when I was in Penza almost everybody treat me in a bad way, disrespectful, I should take it by myself, and my mistake is I made you as a revenge for Russian, yes, I confess it.


I know you trust me, and the problem is I felt less trust to you, you know the reason for this.

Social Economy

I know we were poor, but I never complain about this, yet I feel thankful for everything what you’ve done, and yes.. I do everything what I could do to make our financial stable. In this case, we helped each other. Still, I want to say thank you for what you’ve done.. You saved me

So, I created rating for those points from 1(poor) to 10(good)

Love = 9/10

Communication = 7/10

Respect = 5/10

Trust = 4/10

Social Economy = 8/10

Based on this, our relationship isn’t perfect of course, even after what we’ve done, we just separated because several problems.

But why I still want you, it’s not only I love you, but I want to rebuild everything together with you again. re-starting everything together with you, because I’m sure we can handle our relationship, maybe better than before.

But beforehand, I won’t tired to say I’m sorry for everything, please take my apologize.

Love you



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