An Open Letter

10.22p 24/2

Dear Darya

I’m not the type of person who believes in fate. I’m a skeptic, or maybe I can call it a realist. I’m absolutely not the type of guy who believe in love songs, or soulmates, or romantic gestures.

I’m also an egoistic creature.. Yes, I confess it, sometimes proud to myself, and being a stubborn, eventhou I was wrong in any meaning.

Meeting you changed everything. The happiest I have ever been in my life was during three years I was with you. I realize that in the scheme of things, that pretty much qualifies and so on, and also can’t face the reality.

Our relationship wasn’t perfect, If you agree to call it a relationship, but it was something. We were terrified of getting hurt, and also suffering by hurting each other, but at the same time… I love the way we chat each other, I love the way I(or you) wake you(or me) up in the morning when we live together, I love when we cook and eat together, I love when we went together and spend our quality time together, I love every single of our phonecalls. And I love the way we travel together. I miss all of these things, among the innumerable other aspects of our “relationship”. Yes, I would do anything to get it back, because I was (read: am) in love with you.

You changed me on a such deep, emotional level that I don’t even have the proper words to thank you. You had no idea you were doing it, either. And yes, after what I’ve done stupid thing to you, give us no choice but to grow as an individual.

What we had didn’t work out right? That was a shame, because I will always love you. I don’t know.. And what I’m doing now just continue to try to move on, like I’ve been doing for a year, and yes, it always failure. I trapped in a situation that I feel guilty for ruined our “relationship”.

I don’t know who I would be today if you never exist in my life, I am such a different person.

Thanks for teach me how to love you, I did it, I love you, but on the other hand, I failed to manage myself, and I understand for you it’s unforgivable mistakes.

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