Lonely Valentine

04.11a 14/2

Dear Darya

This is my 2nd time I feel lonely on valentine day, without you I feel my life is empty, no spirit at all.

I spent my life alone, didn’t communicate with anybody, and keep my heart just for you, even I know that you don’t remember me anymore, maybe today you spend your valentine with your new boyfriend. I can’t do such thing, my love to you is too big.

this blog is the only way how I communicate to you, but I understand, it’s one way communication. It’s like I have a radio station with dedicated frequency (let’s say 100MHz), I spoke everything what I want, but it’s one way radio, and you have a radio receiver but I know you never turn on that radio, or even you turn it on, you put another frequency, not mine, so you won’t get my messages. Same as this blog, nothing happened even I wrote anything, you closed your heart already for me.

I know you’re happy now, live for a better life, with a guy whom you really love. I don’t know what to say anymore.

Just I want to say,

Happy Valentine day. Hope you’re always be fine.

and I always love you Darya, and will be waiting for you. Yes, I’m stupid, right?



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