Dr Lisa Cuddy

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Dr Lisa Cuddy is a head of hospital somewhere in Princeton, she also Dr House’s boss. House itself a clever and genius doctor, but he also disobedient, stubborn, and never resist in any situations that he doesn’t like.

Typically House, he always flirt Cuddy, no matter what, but he also sometimes angry with Cuddy’s policy about hospital. No wonder she is head of hospital, she has right to create any rules demanding about hospital.

House – who also disobedient, always broke Cuddy’s rule or we can say that hospital’s rule. Is if for patient? Not always, sometimes for save himself. He has something scary in his mind, he is afraid to face the reality. Behind his genius brain, he has phobia with his situation, he doesn’t like his broken leg, he tried to cover it with his ego, but still, he is broken physically. On the other side, Cuddy always protect him, she knew that House is genius, he can save patient even with his biggest ego, but she also understand the risks, to have such doctor, she risked her career, she spent a lot of money to protect him, to make him feel safe in his workplace. Did house understand about that? We never know that.

Once, House understand that he loves Cuddy. While he’s trying to save a patient, who stuck in the building, House promises his patient that he will not cut her legs. But in fact, he should cut her leg. He was in a big dilemma between fulfill his promise or trying to save her. in front of her, House told her that, he has broken leg also, who saved her? It was two women, Cuddy and his ex-girlfriend, another guy who save House, was his own “ego”. His decision make her fully disappointed, House broke his promise, he’s a liar, even on the other hands, he’s trying to save her, she didn’t understand at that time.

After that, House told Cuddy that he loves her, and also she loves him, they started to love each other, care each other. It was difficult due to situation that Cuddy is a House’s boss… still.

But after that, House’s ego still ruin the relationship, he still a genius with fully egoistic guy, who doesn’t want to feel lose, about anything. Just like before, Cuddy tried to save his life, tried to make himself calm, and tried to save him from anything that can make him vulnerable.

Finally, they broke up. Breaking up for them isn’t a surprise.

But at the end, when house tried to kill himself, even on his funeral, Cuddy didn’t attend, Cuddy doesn’t want to see House for the last time. She completely lost and forget about House


The end.



PS: Welcoming 1st of February, now we completely one year without proper communication. Congratulation that you forgot me already.



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