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11.41a 22/01

Dear Darya

I just created a speedtest app, it’s located here at https://deardarya.anggiemaya.net/~st .

It’s useful to measure your internet connection speed, based by upload/download speed it also includes measurement for jitter and ping.

This Speedtest also simple to use, just open the site, press start and that’s all, it will do their job,

Now, Anggie…

What the fuck you wrote such “nerd” thing here, in this graveyard’s blog, blog that maybe Darya will visit once a year.. yes, every new year.

And Anggie, if you’re a salesman, then you’re stupid to promote what you’ve done here, nobody will listen to you here, moron!

and why you put that speedtest app together in deardarya.anggiemaya.net ?  it’s too long. people will confuse due to too long name.


Okay, I wrote it here, because this app is precious for me, and it’s connected with Darya of course. I will tell you, *start talking to graveyards*

Once after we moved to Rahmaninova, remember that we tried to find a leased line internet connection, but the flat owner refused to install leased line in her apartment, so, we decided to use MTS 4G modem.

Because this wireless modem has a dynamic speed, I mean the speed isn’t constant at all, sometimes slow and sometimes fast, I decided to create a simple speedtest, I started to write the code there, when I don’t have any class, and when you’re away, this is what I’ve done, just I didn’t tell you.

The first version has very limited function, it only shows download/upload speed without any graphic or fancy-look, so, I didn’t upload it yet.

Later, we moved to Ulitsa Krasnaya. Here, I decided to focus with this app again, and this time I was happy, because at that time we had a leased line with up to 50mbps speed, yes, and based by this app, our connection had 35-40mbps that time, it was cool. But we had argue each other, so this project was postponed 🙁

Then after we lived again in Vietnam, I’m running this project again, added some graphic, ping and jitter module, and put this on web server. When we were arguing again, I lost this script.

Today I found it, and I upload it in our website, why here? Because I want it for us only, and why it has ending “/~st”? Because deardarya.anggiemaya.net is long enough, of course I can put it in such address:


but it will be difficult to type it, so I made it simple:


This speedtest is the latest version, my last “edit” was when we were together in Vietnam. I’d like to make improvement for this speedtest, but I won’t.

Because I want to improve this when we stay together again.

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