Мы с тобой в квартире


“Hey, let’s go to flat”

Usually, we went to the flat every weekend, when you’re still working, I bought foods and everything what we need for living.

We arrived in flat already in the evening, i tried to cook something that you like, I remembered you like everything about salad and soup, and don’t forget about sushi, i bought it sometimes for you 🙂

And green tea also, of course we need that, tea that you really like. after we ate everything, we started to watch something, play games and so on.


In the middle of the night, usually people think that we’re fucking, I can’t say that, at that night, we’re enjoying our love, feeling each other, and make ourself relax.

In the morning, either we do little bit love again, or we take a breakfast, usually we choose bread or sandwich, again we just enjoyed our quality time.

After lunch, we went outside, either in spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Just to say hi to the world from us.


Dasha, will we do this again? I miss such situation so much.

I hope so..

And I miss you

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