8.12a 5/1

Dear Darya

Somehow I am happy when you reach me for say a word.

But I know, for you it should be bad when you try to reach me. your “moving on” project is successfully  completed. You got another penis, another friend, another boyfriend, another happy things.

Yes, you will think I got one. No, I didn’t, I didn’t find anybody, keeping myself alone, and will be like that until….. I die.

I never know how often you reach this blog, I can guess, once a year, because it was new year, so, everybody should celebrate it. “Everybody” meaning that I am no longer special anymore in your heart. As you can say 4 years ago, “don’t hope on me,  I never promise anything”.


It’s me who put too much hope on you, and realized you didn’t.

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