It was «Ёлки»

4.01a 5/1

Dear Darya

We have cute communication here, six months and you said only eight words.

But I’m glad that you send something, thanks 🙂

even no love back, no miss back, no more floppy romantic things, damn… forget it Anggie, she’s belong to another guy already, is that true?

If you don’t know that tradition, I remember it was from movie called “Yolki/Ёлки”, I remembered we watch that movie together, there was a scene, a woman who want to make a wish in the middle of new year’s eve, but she was late, so she went to another town that have different timezone, so, she can have another new year’s eve. It was successfully, just she burned the wrong piece of paper 🙂

Everything what you teach me, I always remember.

Hope you like what your new boyfriend teach you… He is better than me, of course 🙂


Again.. I should be am glad.

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