Happy new year!

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Dear Darya

Happy new year, my lovely Darya!

I don’t want to rewind my life in 2018, it was hurt, pain, suffer and so on, I like to rewind my life in 2015, 2016, and 2017 more, because you were exist

Last time, in new year we still communicate, you wrote me, happy new year, dear.

Last new year, I spent it alone, starting the most terrible year in my life.

New year, is it still new hope? I’m still.. Once you need to know, I am very loyal to you, thousand of apologies won’t help right? Sorry. I don’t know what to do anymore.

You know what I hope for this year? I even follow russian tradition, I burn one piece of paper, into champange, do you want to know what was it? Of course…

Seems stupid I never think about myself, because I really really can’t live without you, no, it is not joke at all, I realized that hurting is a bad thing, and I understand everything has changed already, I broke everything what we build together, our trust, our loyalty, I deserved to NOT be happy afterall.

How I should pay for my mistakes? don’t ask me how hurted you are, how disappointed you are, how sad you are, I understand my mistakes, I fully regret it.

Once, me with a lot of sins want to say to you

Happy new year, Dasha!

Hope you are happy there, even without me, you deserved to be happy, because beautiful girl like you should be happy all the time, you know? You’re still my snowie cute, I remember that I told you “you’re my snowy” since I kissed you in the middle of the night, at Belinski Park, in winter.

I remembered my promise was, to take care and responsible for you, and I still keep that.

Thanks for filling my heart with your love.

I love you,

Anggoro B S

Bandung, January 1st 2019

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