She gave me her number

11:14p 29/12

Dear Darya

Today, I went for dinner in small restaurant, and.. alone, yes, always alone, I know you won’t believe me, you even forget and didn’t read this blog anymore.

Whatever, I just want to write here. So, I was eating alone, then there’s a girl sit near me, and say:

“Why you eating alone?”

I said “Because I’d like to”

“Where is your girlfriend?”

“Far away, not here, studying”

“Oh, do you have plan to go out on new year’s eve?”


“Do you want to go to city center with me?”

‘Well, I don’t want to go outside”

“Tell me when you change your mind”


Then I just continue eating, because I am too lazy to have a talk with girl, and yes, I have you, you still in my heart and always be there, so, I don’t want to hurt you anymore, that’s why I wrote everything here, because I should tell you at least, even if you didn’t read this anymore, maybe in several years later you will read this.

I saw that she wants to leave, then suddenly she gave me an adhesive bandage with her number on the other side.

At least I got an adhesive bandage for free, if i accidentally cut my finger, I can use it.

you know what? I want adhesive bandage from you, because my heart really need it, it’s bleeding, Darya 😐

And yes, of course, I didn’t call or send something to that number, throw it to trash can.


I love you, Darya…. Yes, you, Darya not that girl

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