Every morning routine

7:10a 29/12

Dear Darya

I have a really “great” morning routine here

It’s called “missing you until death”, reality is, I didn’t die anyway, even I hope for that, until now I’m still alive, gosh… I hate that

so, what is that? In the morning, usually I remember about you, about how we were together, how we spent time, love, happiness even sad together.

I have question, why people can move on so fast? You even forget me already since maybe February this year, some of my friends can forget people whom their love for 2-3 months, another example my ex-colleague, can forget for 5 months, it’s the longest “move on” that I heard.

But me, I even can’t forget about you every single second of my life. over a year we didn’t meet each other, almost one year we didn’t talk each other, but I can’t move on from you.

Every morning I remember about you, it makes me can’t take breakfast.

Everytime during a day I remember about you, it makes me can’t work, yes, i went out from work because i can’t hold missing you anymore.

every night my brain thinking about you, makes me can’t sleep properly, even if I’m sleeping mostly I have dream about you again.

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