Endless hope

4.21a 28/12

Dear Darya

I can’t sleep, and I’m in the middle of nowhere, waiting for nothing, even I am writing this on my phone.

Will you ever forgive me?

Do you know why I didn’t contact you and keeping silence? Because I don’t know are you still mad with me or not, you told me to wait, I am doing it.

Just now I’m suffering in endless hope. I know you will say that I deserved it, yes you are right.

Now I closed my heart still, I reject everybody who wants to be close with me, I know it will make me feel more lonely, reality, I am really feel lonely, i cant contact people whom I love.

And what imI thinking is that you have fun with guy you love there, was it easy to forget me and open your heart to somebody new for you?

I can’t at all, I love you too much, I love you for my whole life, I am ready to sacrifice everything to be with you

And I’m continue suffering, this year is suck 🙁

I love you.

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