Фак хочу

5:04p 27/12

Dear Darya

As a human being, specially a human who has F’ed a girl before, will feel that he wants to F, another meaning is being horny.

Yes, I felt that, It happens often, just I won’t write about that here everyday of course, this is what my heart says, not a porn blog.

So, here I am, feel want to F you.

If you were here, you will ask, why me? Because I’m a bitch, you won’t fuck Indonesians but you will marry them?

My answer is No

I want to marry you only, Dasha

I never F people that I don’t love, I keep everything then after I meet you, it was not only I took ur virginity, but you took mine also.

Since that, actually after I know how good it was, I want to do that with you only, even we took off condom just for prove that I love you, did I tell you before, once I cum inside you without condom, just I didn’t tell you 🙂 Sorry.

Now, since we didn’t meet each other, I didn’t F anybody, doing anything betrayal and so on. So, will we F again?  I miss how naughty you were 😉

I keep myself just for you, how about you?


I love you so much.

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