Empathy vs Jealousy

7:41p 26/12

Dear Darya

Have you ever heard that there was a tsunami in Indonesia? Killed more than 200 people, and still counting, and located in Anyer, Banten.

Yes, It is Fris’s place, the girl that makes our relationship broke, I read news very seldom, so, I just knew it several hours ago, meanwhile it happened 3 days ago.

Do you know what I’m thinking? Empathy, I’d like to ask her about how she is, but I promise to myself to not contact her anymore, to stop ask anything about her, I promise to you that after Russia, our communication should be stopped, and it is.

I tried to open WhatsApp, and check her number, found it, and start typing like this

Translate: Are you in Anyer? Everything okay with (your) family?

But,I decide to erase it again, and tried to more polite., then I write like this

Translate: Did tsunami reach your house?

Again, I didn’t press enter, and decided to not send anything, because I don’t want to betray you, yes, jealousy wins, and I don’t feel empathy at all, even if I feel it, I feel empathy to all of victims, except her.

So, until I wrote this, I don’t know where she is, how is she, I found in her blog that she is (maybe) working in Jakarta (?)

But it’s Christmas holiday, nobody is working, so, I really don’t know about her, but the most important is:

I don’t care about her!

Because I care about you only, Dasha…. but unfortunately, you don’t want me anymore, you even forget my name already 🙁



I love you, Dasha.


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