Am I stupid?

9:08a 26/12

Dear ….

I never have an asnwer.

This whole year I am thinking about you, Darya, and my mistakes, nothing more, am I stupid?

I don’t have proper job, I can’t work in a good way, am I stupid?

I’m trying to chase you, but again failed several times, am I stupid?

A lot of people told me, she’s (Darya) moved on already, forget you already, you should do it also, but I can’t, am I stupid?

People told me, that I am stupid, blinded by love, is that true?

People told me, you went to the U.S. and got another boyfriend, get another happiness, and completely forget about me, is that corrent? Again.. Am I stupid?

I know, I made you bad, I hurt you. But is there any second chance? If not, then again, am I stupid?

Where I can get those answers?


(to be continued)

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