да любите друг друга

3:00p 24/12

Dear Darya

– С любовью приступим. Господь сказал: «Заповедь новую даю вам, да любите друг друга; как Я возлюбил вас, так и вы да любите друг друга. По тому узнают все, что вы Мои ученики, если будете иметь любовь между собою» (Ин. 13:34–35).

Remember when we were together, that someday I am ready to convert my belief to Orthodox Christian? I keep my promise, I research everything about it, and I am always ready 🙂

I’m ready to do repentance, catechumenate, and so on, But I want you to be my witness,

I adore this phrase from your religion, да любите друг друга) I found it when we stayed in our flat in rakhmaninova, and suddenly I feel peaceful with it.

I understand that you are a great girl came from a great religion. Sorry for my mistakes, I’m ready to pay off my mistakes, and be a good guy for you. I will sacrifice everything what I have, even my previous belief.

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