Guy and Cactus

8:21p 19/12

Dear Darya

A guy came to his girlfriend’s flat, and he gave her cactus, a plant that she loves so much, and say “I’m sorry”.

But she refused that cutie cactus, he apologized that yesterday he didn’t come to pick her up from her workplace, she said that it’s never enough to apologize

Then she closed the door leaving him outside, and he said that he will wait there with cactus until she opened that door.

He waited about 3-4 hours, and suddenly somebody kills him.

She was shock when she found his dead body, together with cactus.

Then I woke up 🙂

Yes, that was my dream, strange? Yes, it is..

Actually, because of this dream, I want to say

















I love you, Dasha.

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