Different Point of View

Dasha, you know, we have different of view as i wrote before, now I realized that it’s so much complicated, you think on your own way, I think on my own way, and both of us think on their own way, never believe what the others say.

Can love solve this, Dasha? I hope so. Can love cure this also? I hope so..

Now I decided to break my point of view.

Let’s face it, I hurt you, yes, I confess it.

I’m sorry..

I wanted you to suffer and die slowly..

Okay I got it, i confess it also.


And now you can do anything what you want, and you will not care about me..

It’s hard… but i should confess it also

Dasha, you’re right since the beginning, and please don’t say that you’re stupid.. in fact, you’re not, everybody said that you’re smart, everybody praise you because of it.

It’s me who are stupid, because i made you suffering in every situation, i understand your effort to do anything to be stay with me, and i ruined it.

I wanted to say “I love you”, but it will be not logical, how can people love while he hurts his couple.




But I love you, Dasha. and Always..




Don’t know anything to say

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