Happy Birthday

5:46p 11/12

Dear Dasha’s mum

Happy birthday dear Dasha’s mum, wish you all the best for everything, great health, and best luck in your life. Я вас люблю <3

You know, I love your daughter so much, she inspired me, and makes me feel what love is, she is kind, cheerful, and always positive thinking, glad that you have daughter like her.

Just… I ruined everything, messed up everything what she’s done to me, to our life.

Yet I still love her, but maybe I don’t deserve her.

Just, Valentina, I’m sorry for make your daughter feel bad, broken heart, suffering abroad. I understand I failed to make promise that I will be responsible for her life as I mentioned her when I say that I love her.

I’m sorry. Hope I didn’t ruin your birthday, once more, happy birthday, tell hello to Dasha’s dad.



Anggoro Bentar Sukarno


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