Dreaming about you

Today in the morning, i slept on a bus, and just got a dream.

The dream was, you.. wearing black coat (i remember that black coat, you look so pretty with that). Angry with me, i mean, real angry because I hurt you, i feel guilty for everything, again.. Sorry.

But it’s only words, right? 🙁 Will you forgive me, Dasha?

Now we communicate again, but still with some argue again, i want to avoid it, really.. Can we stop it?

I knew we have different point of view of our relationship, and both of us are just stubborn, but… overall, It’s my fault that i hurt you.

And now, i realized that I’m not ur priority again, you never contact me at noon, i don’t know what r u doing there? Are you avoiding me? I swear I never avoid you, Dasha. I love you so much.

Don’t leave me, Dasha. I need you. I truly apologize for what I’ve done.

I miss you so much, I miss our quality time


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