Lost body feeling

4:21a 8/12

Dear Darya

Just woke up, yes I know too early, actually, just I can’t sleep properly, the reason was same as I write here before.

Several minutes ago, I was trying to make a cup of tea, and I try to cut a lemon, accidentally I cut my finger, it was bleeding, but you know what I’m doing? For several minutes, I saw that blood came out from my finger, don’t you think I don’t feel anything, it was hurt of course.

But I was thinking, my feeling since I left you was more hurt and painful than this, if I should feel hurt from my finger but I am always stay with you, I would choose this, rather than I feel hurt because no you in my life.

I was thinking love is silly thing, but now I realized that the power of this “love” is strong enough, even my body can tolerance hurt from my finger.

But anyway, nobody will believe that I love you so much, Dasha. even you… maybe you forget me already.

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