Stages of loss by Kübler Ross [1969]

6:30p 31/10

Dear Darya,

I read this article, there are five stages of loss, based by Kübler Ross, who is he? Hah, no matter for me, he said that the first one is:

Denial, yes, when I feel loss of you, that was I felt.

Anger. Of course, this is step when last time we communicate, I was angry for what happened.

Bargaining, now what I was thinking just “what if.. what if..”, you even know that i don’t like that sentence.

Depression, this is what I feel for this looong time.

Acceptance. Unfortunately, I won’t able to move to this step, because I love you so much, I’d prefer depression for a long time. Yes, and destroying my ability to work, think and so on.

Love you so much, D.

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