One Year Ago

6:17p 18/10

Dear Darya

Just remembered, a year ago, at this time I went out from Indonesia to Vietnam, as we promised before, to live together, and being together forever, and ended up with failing. If you think it was my fault, I accept it, my fault. I’m sorry.

Just from this post, about how I argue with my parents, I’m trying to remember all of them, and trying to explain here, and of course you will not read this anyway, or even forget this blog already. It’s okay, I won’t remove it anyway.

It was one night before my flight from Jakarta, (my flight was in the afternoon), I was in a room, which is you were there for sleeping, my dad watching  a TV with volume up, I guess it’s normal for him or everybody else, but I just trying to “made a fire” by angry with them, I told him to turn the volume down in a rude way, so, I was angry and just because of that, I don’t want to contact them anymore.

That’s how relationship between me and my parents just broke, until now.

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