Another physically painful Part II

7.35p 15/10

How stupid, I was getting used to eat once a day, and of course I am hungry, but I don’t have great appetite, and now it’s time for my body to screaming.

Just today I had a blood-vomit, i don’t know why, but it was scary, and also painful, I don’t want to go to doctor just because i don’t want everybody know about my medical record, I keep everything by myself, just want to share it with my girl, but… she is angry with me, one year angry, or i can say that she hates me until death.

just I love you, Dasha. I knew I should go back to you soon, hopefully my another plan will be fine. At least, I want to die near you, not far away from you.

Hope my body will be fine after I treated it badly. I don’t care as long as I can give my heart you you, Dasha.

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