Riding a bike

2:21p 02/10

Dear Darya

I remember this quote

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein
I will tell you little story about my life based on that quotation. I was riding a bike alone, then I found you, we fall in love, and we ride a bike together, but suddenly, I drove the bike badly, you were angry, and leaving me.
And I fall from bike, i feel lost, I’m trying to hold that bike, and I want to ride it again, but i can’t move it on, I don’t like to ride a bike alone again, oh yes of course before it, i was riding without you, but now, after I knew you, it makes my life upside down.
And now I can’t make my life balance anymore.
Please Darya.. come back again, I apologize for everything, I want to ride a bike with you again, forever and ever.

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