Too much jealous = Too much love


Jealousy – That’s what I feel, actually not everyday, usually every weekend, because I can feel that you’re hang out with guys there.

If I lost my feeling of jealous, means I stopped loving you, Dasha.

But it’s not, I always love you, and because of this love, I also feel jealousy because we live far each other, and we don’t have any communication at all,

But it’s not jealousy angry – that I don’t want you to communicate with other guys, No, you can of course, just let me know it, and I won’t forbid you, but this is different, we don’t have communication, you have somebody there, and I don’t have, I keep my feeling and heart to not contact or talk with any girl at all. Yes, I learn from my mistakes,

And It seems that you lost your love to me.



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