Promote what I hate


This is what I’m doing now, promoting Russian universities to Indonesian. Yes, I know I ate my own sh*t, I was discussed even with Darya about how bad Russian universities is. And now, look what I’m doing, haha..

Actually, I’m trying to objective as much as I can, I told them the pros and cons about being in Russia, especially cons, if they’re not ready about everything, then don’t go, but (un)luckily less people interesting about this stand, I mean Russian stand, people just go to another developed countries to studying with.

I’m doing this just because somebody wants my help, it’s different than what I post earlier about a lot of girls, No, not this project, even there is 2-3 Russian girls here,

But as I told you before, I am goddamn loyal with Darya, I told them that I have a girlfriend, and even I told them that I have mistakes that she ran away, even it wasn’t necessary. Just I’m still thinking how can I go to Russia again, is it by this one, or another way.

I need her advice, but I don’t know if she is still mad with me, or she is forgot already about me. That will make me so sad.

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