Blog is down


Almost 5 hours this blog is down, I can’t write anything here, I lost my best friend to talk with 🙁

And I can’t write anything because my mood is ruined because of this.

And about Darya, I love her so much, she’s down in my heart for 9 months already, but I never hate her, I hate only this goddamn blog, because of downtime.

I was trying to re-plan my plan, to stay with Darya, but I don’t have anything if suddenly you reject me again. my heart is bleeding, I need Darya badly, recently she was online in vk but didn’t reply my message, did she forget me already? I don’t know 🙁 never know about that 🙁 did she just say “just wait” mean that I won’t get any second chance? I don’t know 🙁

Will she forgive me?

I just want to be with her, to be happy together.

I feel bad


Hope what I wrote here can be published soon.

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