It’s 00:00 – September 17th

And I am again jealous, why? Did you remember that you were use this term “midnight” with your ex-boyfriend? You sent text messages each other about midnight, maybe you think it was romantic.

I’d like to repeat it, but I was hate to do that, because yes, jealous with it, just I never mention that and I wanted to create new romantic things just for us.

Did you use that again with your new cutie boyfriend? Is it still SMS or F’in in the midnight?

Again jealous me? Yes, why I feel jealous? Because I love you so much. And I can’t keep you, so….


Maybe somebody, you or God ask me why I put 00:00, but this post dated at September 16th, because this blog running on Moscow time, Dasha’s hometown…. Before you running away with your new cutie boyfriend..

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