Insomnia on the road


I won’t post picture boy who can’t sleep because i am not on the bed, actually, just long time ago i left my bed, yes, our bed, that we slept together, F together and tell each other our cutie stories.

Then why I put “insomnia” on the title? Maybe you think I am stupid, since 9.18pm isn’t sleep time yet, and you think I don’t know the definition of insomnia itself. I understand even you won’t believe me, my cutie dearest Darya.

Just I’m on the road, going somewhere, where? I don’t know, I have nothing and nobody now, my heart is painful missing about you, and brain is completely disabled.

I followed your advice, to wait for you,

Even you won’t believe it, I am loyal to you, and always be loyal for you, my heart is closed for you only, even I throw parents, God and everybody else just focusing on you.

I will be in an insomnia mode tonight, thinking about you, and how will we live together again, and I will share it here if i have good connection.

Love you, my dearest Darya.

maybe if i collect my tears from my every night  sad because of you, it’ll be one bottle of mogu mogu already.

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