Where will we live?

6:11p – September 7th

This conversation happened two days ago, just difficult to post it here due to bad network quality here, but anyway I need to post this

So, I chat my friend, my ex-group mate in Penza, Alexei, and of course I congratulate him for his new girlfriend, and suddenly, I miss you so much, and missing our time together.

So, I asked him about living in Penza like rent a flat for us.

And yes, of course he asked him what for, so, I told him that I will go back to Penza for living with you, and of course i told him that we had plans before, but about our problem, I didn’t tell him yet, later maybe he will know that how bad I am…

And he told me that it will difficult for me to live in Penza as foreigner, because small salary even for locals, and no opportunity at all for foreigners, there are but maybe limited. Actually, I will do everything for our small family, remember about my responsibility for you? I am still doing that, and I will always do that.

So, he suggested me to move to another city like Ekaterinburg, or maybe somewhere else.

Are you ready to do that?

But first of all, please forgive me.

And I always love you, Dasha.

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