A Half of me


Wake up in the morning, I have a lot of idea in my mind, and every situation support my idea, just tell them my idea, and that’s it, I am sure all of my idea will work. But no, I can’t do that, doesn’t mean that I don’t want, I can’t, because I am not what I am. I’m just a half of me. I am not happy, I am not cheerful, and i’m not an optimistic people.

Afternoon, I have opportunity to eat something delicious food, no problem at all to eat those foods. But no, I can’t eat that, doesn’t mean that I can afford it, I can because I’m just a half of me. I don’t have good appetite, I can’t eat properly, my brain tell me to not eat those foods.

At night, I’m tired, I’d like to take a rest, but i can’t. I feel very dizzy, my brain and my heart always working in a hard way. but my body is tired already.

Because what I have now, is just half of me.

And the other part of me, is with you, Daria Ponomareva.


It’s called love. And I love you.


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