Secret Chat App


Don’t know why, just want to write this.

I never have secret WhatsApp, or any secret chat app, remember I always use my Indonesian number for any purpose? I also didn’t change my number, even thou I have local number, but I never use it as secret number,

The only one secret number/chat app is, when I have girlfriend, a.k.a YOU. Remember we bought our own MegaFon number, that was only secret number I have, and I use it only with you.

I know you had your own secret number, I don’t know why you use it, to whom you use it, or what kind of purpose you use it.

But I forgave you already, I realized, impact for what bad things I’ve done to you is bigger than what you’ve done.

Just, now, are you doing the same thing? Use U.S. number and have secret WhatsApp or any secret communication to avoid me?


I am not.

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